How To Login To Your Wells Fargo Account

Step Description
1.  In the URL bar type in





Go to Wells Fargo Homepage and find the login area located on the upper left side of the page. Enter your “Username & Password”. Then click on Sign On.



3. If you Forgot Password and Username  – click on the link “Forgot Password/Username?”.




You’ll be directed to another page and select from the three option.


How To Apply For A New Account With Wells Fargo

Step Description

On the same login area as shown above, (homepage) find the link that says “Enroll Now” and click on it.




You’ll be directed to another page where you must enter the required information such as:

-ATM/Debit Card, Account, Loan Number



Then Click Continue.


Visit the branch location nearest you and a Banking Center Manager can assist you in choosing an account ideally suited to the way you do business.