Hills Bank Online Banking

hills-bank-logoFirst founded in 1904 in Iowa as Hills Savings Bank, Hills Bank is now one of the largest banks out there. Since 1984, Hills Bank has been owned by the holding company Hills Bancorporation.

Customer Service Telephone

1 (800) 445-5725

Online Banking Login

How to Log In: 1. Go to www.hillsbank.com. 2. At the log in area, enter your log in ID and password. Click Sign In. You can also use Hills Bank services using your mobile device. Follow the same procedures above. How to Enroll: 1. Go to the Enrollment page, http://online.hillsbank.com/hillsbankandtrustautoenrollment/Enroll.aspx. 2. Fill in the required information. Click Submit Enrollment. 3. Create a new password to complete the registration.

Routing/Wiring Instructions

To conduct a wire or money transfer, the sender will be required to have a Hills Bank routing number. The routing number is the first nine digits at the bottom of a check. To transfer funds, go to the nearest Hills Bank branch with the following information: Domestic Wire (up to 24 hours for processing) • Bank Name • Routing Number • Address of Bank • Creditor’s Name • Creditor’s Account Number


 Routing Number  Swift Number
 http://www.hillsbank.com 73913755 Not part of SWIFT network

Branch Locations And Opening Hours




Routing number