First Interstate Bank Online Banking

First-Interstate-Bank-logoFirst Interstate Bank was founded in 1928 in Los Angeles, California as First Interstate Bancorp. It became one of the largest banks of the United States. In 1996, it was taken over by Wells Fargo then became a subsidiary of the First Interstate Bank System.

Customer Service Telephone

1(888) 752-3332

Online Banking Login

How to Log In 1. Go to the First Interstate Bank website. 2. Select the service you would like to log into. 3. Enter your access ID. Click “Log In.” 4. Verify your security image and passphrase. Then, enter your password. How to Enroll 1. Go to the First Interstate Bank website. 2. Below Online Banking Log In, click “Enroll.” 3. Fill in the necessary information and click “Submit.”

Routing/Wiring Instructions

Wiring Instructions First Interstate Bank offers domestic wiring (up to 24 hours for processing). Provide the following information online or in person through the nearest bank: • Bank Name • Routing Number – 092901683 • Address of Bank • Creditor’s Name • Creditor’s Account Number Note: You may also find the routing number at the bottom of your check.


 Routing Number  Swift Number 92901683 IRVTUS3N

Branch Locations And Opening Hours



Routing number