Capital One Online Banking

capital-one-logoSignet Financial initially founded this is 1944. Wells Fargo later purchased this and has been spun off the credit card section. At this time, it was known as the Oakstone Financial. This later became known as the Capital One. The bank has been fully independent when 1995 came rolling in. this is now regarded as the 8th among the largest banks in US in terms of assets. Its current headquarters is located in Tysopns Corner, Virginia. The bank operate on 963 retail branches with over 2000 ATMs located all over Texas, Louisiana, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York.

Customer Service Telephone

1 (855) 322-7288

Online Banking Login

For detailed step by step instructions on How to Login to your Capital one Bank

How to Login

1. Browse the official website, click the sign in link.
2. Provide the user ID for online banking.
3. Provide the password on the next webpage.

How to Enroll

1. Go to the Enrollment Page and locate the “Sign Up Now” button, then click this button.
2. Read then agree to all the terms and conditions.
3. Verify your identity by using the following pieces of information:
a. Full name
b. Birthday
c. Last deposit transaction
d. Debit card number or account number
e. SSN or Social security number
4. Contact the Customer Service department if you have any questions or concerns.

Routing/Wiring Instructions

How to Find Routing Number You need to have the routing number to perform any types of bank transactions. You can find it along the bottom part of the check. The routing number is the nine-digit number.
For Capital City Bank, it’s 063100688.

How to Wire Money Domestic wiring takes around 24 hours of processing time.

You need to following information:
1. Login to the official website.
2. Click on the “Payments” tab. Choose “P2P Payment”.
3. Fill out the required information for the recipient:
a. Amount
b. Full name, street address, and routing number of recipient
c. Your bank account number
d. Your full name
4. Click “Send Payment”.

 Routing Number  Swift Number 102103407 Not part of SWIFT network

Branch Locations And Opening Hours


Routing number