Bremer Bank Online Banking

bremer-bank-logoThis is a bank that’s considered as the subsidiary of Bremer Financial Corporation. This has been founded as early as 1943. The bank’s headquarters can be found in Minnesota (St. Paul). Aside from this branch, it also has branches in Wisconsin and North Dakota.

Customer Service Telephone

1 (800) 908-2265

Online Banking Login

For detailed step by step instructions on How to Login to your Bremer account :

How to Login

If you already have your online banking account, just visit the official website and login to get started with your transactions.
1. Select account type and click on “Online Banking” as the online system.
2. Click “Sign In” and select “Bremer Online System”, click “Login”.
3. Provide the user ID and password.

How to Enroll

If you do not have an online account yet, follow these steps:

1. From the bank’s homepage, click on “Enroll” then “Enroll to a personal banking account”.
2. Choose your preferred account type.
3. Fill out the following information:
a. Last statement balance
b. Account number
c. Zip code
d. E-mail address
e. Last 4 digits of SSN
f. Complete name
4. Create your user ID and password.
5. For questions, contact customer service at 1 (800) 908-2265.

Routing/Wiring Instructions

Routing Number After logging into your account, you are now connected. The bank’s routing number is 096010415.

How to Wire Money

To help you wire some money, you may visit the branch near you or just go online and visit the official website. Either way, you will need to prepare the following information:

Domestic (around 24-hour processing time)

• Creditor’s account number
• Name and address of creditor
• Bank’s address
• Routing number – 096010415
• Bank name International (approximately 7-hour processing time)
• Invoice number
• Account number of customer
• Name and address of customer
• Routing number – 096010415
• Swift code – BRFSUS4T

 Routing Number  Swift Number 096010415 BRFSUS4T

Branch Locations And Opening Hours


Routing number