BancorpSouth Online Banking

bancorpsouthbank-logoBancorpSouth Bank was established in 1876. In 1987, its merger with First Mississippi National Bank created BancorpSouth Bank, which became the first statewide bank in Mississippi, fully owned by BancorpSouth, Inc.

Customer Service Telephone

(855) 797-7711

Online Banking Login

For clients who already have an online banking account: here is how to login to bancorp south online banking.
1. Head over to the bank’s homepage and go to the log in area, found at the right upper side of the page. Click Login (yellow button).
2. You will be redirected to another page where you need to type in your Username and Password. Click Log In.If you forgot your Password:
• Click on the Forgot Password option from the log in page.
• You will be transferred to the reset password page.
• Enter your User ID and DOB.
• Click the Next button to continue with the reset.
• Follow the instructions until password reset is complete.Mobile BankingAside from mobile applications, the bank also offers free services for Mobile Banking that you can access using any of your mobile device with internet connection.1. Go to the bank’s homepage, and click Login to Online Banking.
2. Key in your User ID and Password, and click Login.

How to Enroll

1. At the homepage, access the enrollment page, read the bank’s Terms and Conditions, then click Accept.
2. You need to input your personal information, as needed.
3. Complete additional information the bank may ask.
4. Create your User ID and Password.
5. Once completed, you may access the online services you need.
6. For questions, you can call the Customer Service Hotline.

Routing/Wiring Instructions

To transfer money, you need to secure a routing number first. The routing number for BancorpSouth Bank is visible at the bottom left side of the check. The best way to transfer funds, as recommended by the bank is to go to the nearest branch.

You need the following information to make an incoming domestic wire transfer:
• Name of account holder, as seen on the BancorpSouth account
• Bank Account number
• Routing Number
• Amount to be sent
• Other important details, as deemed needed by the sending financial institution

Transfer Fees:
• Outgoing – $18.00
• Domestic Outgoing (Repeat transaction) – $ 15.00
• Incoming – $15.00
• Foreign – $50.00

BancorpSouth Bank account holders can avail of the 24/7 financial services they offer online. Clients can use it to pay bills, transfer funds, and check account balances.

 Routing Number  Swift Number 084201278 NOT PART OF SWIFT NETWORK

Branch Locations And Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 8:00AM – 7:00PM, CT
Sat: 9:00AM – 5:00PM, CT


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