How To Close Your Bank Of America Account Online

bank-of-americaClosing your Bank of America account can be done in three different ways.

Go To A Local Bank Of America Branch

1. Go to a Bank of America branch.
2. Tell them you want to close your account.

If your account has a zero balance, you may be able to close the account over the phone by calling Bank of America customer service (the number on the back of your debit card).

If you have a balance, they will give you a cashier’s check or cash. If you have a negative (overdraft) balance, you will have to make deposits to remove the negative balance before you can close the account.

Call The Bank Of America Number On Your Debit Card

In order to close an account you can call the number on your debit card (not recommended) or go to the branch.

If you visit the branch, they will settle your funds by letting you take out the cash or asking you to repay a negative balance.

If there are ANY transactions pending (debit card or electronic transfers) this will cause your account to stay open. The reason why is because BofA branches use a memo posting / proof system which involves tickets (at least they used to) the work is picked up each night and then hard posted after the debit and credit paper tickets are scanned in.

What this means for you – the customer is that anything the branch does that reflects immediately is only temporary and is not confirmed until the tickets go through the proofing process.

If a transaction goes through before that, the account will not close.

Write them an official letter of correspondence where you wish to close your account.

Simply write to the bank of America using the following pdf guide from their website: –